Camp Goodtimes FAQ

Family Camp FAQ
Can I bring my own food? 

Maybe, if you need special food for medical reasons. Both Loon Lake and Camp Pringle staff do their best to accommodate dietary restrictions. If you have significant dietary requirements, please contact the clinical coordinator to address your needs.

Can we bring someone to Family Camp who isn’t a part of our immediate family such as an extended family member, family friend or visitor?

Maybe, but only if they are an adult caregiver. Each family may bring up to two adult caregivers with them to Family Camp. Siblings, ages 0 to 18, are also welcome to attend Family Camp.

Can we leave a day early?

In order to provide the best camp experience to our campers, we prefer that participants complete the entire camp session. This is especially true as many fun and engaging activities occur during the last 24 hours of camp. Please contact the camp director to discuss possible departure deviations.

Can our children attend both Kids Camp and Family Camp in the same summer?

Yes! Kids Camp attendees must be between the ages of 7 to 15 to join for a week of Kids Camp.

Kids Camp FAQ
If a participant doesn’t have a sibling can another relative or friend accompany him/her to camp?

Unfortunately, no. Each Kids Camp only offers spots to children diagnosed with cancer, their sibling(s) and bereaved siblings.

How many years can a participant attend Kids Camp?

Participants (children diagnosed with cancer, siblings and bereaved siblings) are accepted to Kids Camp based on the status of the child affected by cancer and the date of their diagnosis. Decisions about camp acceptances are made with care on a case-by-case basis each year.

This is my child’s first year at camp. How can I help prepare him/her for being away from home for an entire week?

You can help ensure your child has a great camp experience by sharing as much information about them as possible during the application process. Please provide us with any details or information about your child’s specific needs that you feel would be relevant in a camp setting and we will pass this information along to the volunteers caring for your child.

When do campers graduate from Kids Camp?

Participants graduate from Kids Camp at age 15 or the year that they will be turning 15. Graduates attend a graduation ceremony at camp to honour their achievements. Graduation ceremony attendance is only for volunteers and participants.

What is the camper-to-counsellor ratio at Kids Camp?

Our minimum ratio of campers to counsellors is 3:1. Cabin groups consist of 4 to 7 campers with at least two, but often three, adult counsellors per cabin group.

What do we eat at camp?

We eat delicious food! We provide kid-friendly meals and offer many healthy options. Many of our campers say that Camp Goodtimes food is just as good as a home-cooked meal.

How can I communicate with my child while she/he is at camp?

At times, kids will miss home when they are at Camp Goodtimes. We discourage telephone contact as this usually makes them miss home more. However, parents can email their child and the note will be printed and shared with their child. More information about this will follow in your acceptance package. Due to logistics, campers may not be able to respond, but the kids are usually glad to hear from their parent(s)/caregiver(s). We ask that parents set their child up for success by providing realistic communication expectations for their time at camp. For example, talking to them about the email option is great, but telling them that they can call home whenever they want is not realistic.

Teen Camp FAQ
What is the participant-to-counsellor ratio at Teen Camp?

Our minimum ratio of participants to counsellors is 4:1. Cabin groups consist of 6 to 12 participants with at least two adult counsellors per cabin group.

What will we be doing at Teen Camp?

Teen Camp is full of fun and engaging activities. Participants can rappel, swim, kayak, canoe, make arts and crafts and take a leap of faith on our high ropes course during their stay. There are also music workshops, plenty of games, a dance, a talent show and tons of time to chill out.

What if I don’t know anyone at Teen Camp?

Everyone is new to the Teen Camp program once. New participants and volunteers may be nervous about attending, but rest assured that dozens of friendly faces will greet you on your first day. Volunteers and participants often leave Camp Goodtimes with life-long friendships.

Can I drive my car to Teen Camp?

Yes. Remember, you will need to bring all your medications and forms complete with your parent’s signature.

Can I attend Teen Camp as a sibling?

Unfortunately, no. Our teen program is for youth diagnosed with cancer who are 15 to 18 years of age. However, siblings are encouraged to apply for the Leaders in Training (LIT) program that occurs alongside each Kids Camp.