Teen Camp

Protecting the health, safety, and well-being of our campers and camp community remains our top priority. This summer, we strongly recommend that all participants have up-to-date COVID-19 immunizations. Policies around screening, testing, and capacities will remain in place to best protect our campers from COVID-19 and will continue to evolve as the landscape continues to change.

Teen Camp (ages 15-18)

Our Teen Camp program is committed to offering unique and enriching recreational experiences for youth who have had a cancer diagnosis. Our program has been designed to foster independence, resilience, personal growth and connection. We believe that teenagers who have had a cancer diagnosis need opportunities to find independence and social support in a community where they feel they truly belong.

We offer inclusive programming that is age and developmentally-appropriate and accommodate our activities for all ability levels, always free of charge. 

Who this camp is for

  • Teens from British Columbia or the Yukon ages 15 to 18 who have been diagnosed with cancer.
  • All participants must have their immunizations up to date.

Program Dates

Teen Camp
Saturday, August 12 - Thursday, August 17, 2023
Camp Pringle, Shawnigan Lake, BC
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*Applications will be open until April 30, 2023

Camp life

Teen Camp is located at Camp Pringle on Shawnigan Lake, BC. The heart of camp is the waterfront where we have a large dock with a fleet of canoes, kayaks, sailboats and paddle boards all next to a beach volleyball court and campfire pit.

Participants sleep in rustic cabins with other teens of similar age. The cabins have no electricity, so participants can immerse themselves in the Teen Camp program connecting with their peers and nature. Washrooms and showers are typically located in a separate building close by.

The program offers opportunities for hanging out with peers, activities of choice and connection with the entire camp community. In addition to waterfront activities, we offer arts and crafts, high ropes, low ropes, climbing, archery, nature, hiking, baking and creative programming.

In each cabin group of 5 to 8 participants of similar age, there is a minimum of two cabin leaders who are trained by the Camp Goodtimes staff. In addition, we have trained program staff facilitating each activity and qualified medical and social-emotional support on site to ensure that all campers are comfortable and cared for.


Most of our teens from the Lower Mainland take the group transportation option that Camp Goodtimes provides from West Vancouver to camp. Our teens from Vancouver Island arrive and depart from camp by car. Sign-up information will be available with your acceptance package.

We also offer air travel and reimbursement of travel expenses in certain circumstances. Please contact the camp office to find out more. 

Teen Camp FAQ
What is the participant-to-counsellor ratio at Teen Camp?

Our minimum ratio of participants to counsellors is 4:1. Cabin groups consist of 6 to 12 participants with at least two adult counsellors per cabin group.

What will we be doing at Teen Camp?

Teen Camp is full of fun and engaging activities. Participants can rappel, swim, kayak, canoe, make arts and crafts and take a leap of faith on our high ropes course during their stay. There are also music workshops, plenty of games, a dance, a talent show and tons of time to chill out.

What if I don’t know anyone at Teen Camp?

Everyone is new to the Teen Camp program once. New participants and volunteers may be nervous about attending, but rest assured that dozens of friendly faces will greet you on your first day. Volunteers and participants often leave Camp Goodtimes with life-long friendships.

Can I drive my car to Teen Camp?

Yes. Remember, you will need to bring all your medications and forms complete with your parent’s signature.

Can I attend Teen Camp as a sibling?

Unfortunately, no. Our teen program is for youth diagnosed with cancer who are 15 to 18 years of age. However, siblings are encouraged to apply for the Leaders in Training (LIT) program that occurs alongside each Kids Camp.